Articles and Links

Below are some useful links to outside organizations and educational articles.


15 TIPS for Parents to More Effectively Manage their High Conflict Separation/Divorce
Article by Howard Hurwitz

Gatekeeping in Separation/Divorce
Article by Howard Hurwitz

Moving Forward: Beyond the Conflict with your Ex-Partner
Article by Howard Hurwitz

Children Who Resist Contact with a Parent
Article by Howard Hurwitz

What is involved in a custody assessment?
Article by Howard Hurwitz

Who are the high conflict families that require the services of an assessor or parenting co-ordinator?
Article by Howard Hurwitz

How can I reduce conflict with my ex-partner?
Article by Howard Hurwitz

Kids Hit Hard in Nasty Divorces
Article from the Toronto Star featuring Howard Hurwitz

Managing your Anger
Article by Howard Hurwitz appearing in the blog Wisdom of Communication.


Understanding Mediation, Arbitration, and the Law

Association of Family and Concilliation Courts (AFCC)
A professional organization with resources for professionals and parents on dealing with family court issues.

Colorado Divorce Mediation
An American family mediation centre. Website has numerous online and print resources for parents and families.

Ontario Association of Family Mediators
A good website to learn about the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of family mediations in Ontario.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada
A website with information on mediation and arbitration in Canada - includes a section on the ethics and rules that bind Canadian arbitrators.

Collaborative Family Law Toronto
A directory and information source for collaborative family law - an interdisciplinary practice that works on dispute minimization and resolution.

Child Support Guidelines
Government of Ontario information website on the rules and regulations regarding child support.

Arbitration Act of Ontario
Ontario's Arbitration Act of 1991.

Children's Law Reform Act
Children's Law Reform Act of Ontario.
Helping Organisations

Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto
A child-welfare and family counselling agency based in the Jewish community. Most of the counselling programs are available to persons of any religion.

Family Services Association of Toronto
An agency that provides counselling and programming for a number of issues, including separation and divorce.

Catholic Family Services of Toronto
Open to all backgrounds and spiritualities, with programs focussing on divorce, transition, and counselling.

Family Services of Peel
Counselling agency open to people of all backgrounds, programs for families, children, and individuals.


Children Caught in the Crossfire
Facilitator at a conference for professionals.

High Conflict Divorces: A Look at the Best Practice Guide
Speaker at Ontario Bar Association regarding the Best Practice Guide, published by the High Conflict Forum.