Philosophy of Practice

Howard Hurwitz has a number of belief systems in working with parents and children undergoing a separation or divorce. These include the following:

  • My role as therapist is to help parents 'move forward' with their lives.
  • It is important that parents understand what's 'driving' the conflict.

  • In most separating marital situations, a certain amount of conflict is normal.
  • Preventing conflictual situations from becoming high conflict is an important objective.

  • Everyone in the family is impacted by the conflict.
  • High conflict situations are not healthy for anyone in the family.
  • Except in some select cases, going to court is not ideal.

  • Parents want to get beyond the conflict but sometimes don't know how.
  • Parents in high conflict situations need assistance from a therapist in resolving conflict.
  • Separation and divorce often brings with it new found opportunities for personal growth.
  • The therapist can be helpful in assisting the parents develop skills that will enhance their problem-solving skills with the other parent. This will benefit the children.

  • In high conflict situations, there are often a multitude of professionals working with different members of the family. These professionals must make efforts to work in a collaborative and co-ordinated manner, wherever possible.