Professional Training
"Developing Interventions that Work Effectively"

Howard Hurwitz, MSW, RSW, Offers customized training to groups of professionals in mental health, child welfare, and family law communities (please see the extensive list o agencies who have received training in Mr. Hurwitz's Curriculum Vitae).

Mr. Hurwitz is an experienced trainer who provides a unique blend of case discussions, social science research to support best practice approaches, clips from movie and TV shows depicting divorce and didactic presentations. The audience is invited to be actively involved in each training experience. Particular emphasis is on developing interventions that work effectively.

He is an international trainer and has done presentations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Miami and several Canadian cities.

Mr. Hurwitz's area of expertise is the following:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Effects on children of divorce
  • High conflict divorce
  • Emotional harm to children caught in a high conflict divorce
  • Professional collaboration amongst professionals
  • Domestic violence and divorce
  • Allegations of child abuse in separation and divorce
  • Clinical interventions in high conflict divorce
  • Developing a community approach in improving service delivery to children and families
  • How child protection agencies can enhance their service delivery to children and parents involved in a high conflict divorce

For more information on training, please contact Howard Hurwitz at 416-564-7515.